Friday, 29 May 2015

Praise Jesus

Hello Friends, 
Here I am once again to share the word of God with you all. God has his own time and plan to pour blessings in our life, Beleive in Jesus. Prophet Daniel was Praising God even though he knew that some people was against him, he praised and thanked God everyday. Even when he was taken down and put in the lions den, he was still Praising God. He knew that God will help him in the midst of Lions, he was Sitting in the midst of lions and started Praising. The hungry lions didn't even approach him cause there was angels surrounding Daniel. We need to have the same Faith and Praise God even when we go through obstacles  or our time is worst. We got to Praise him when we are on our way or through troubles cause we know at the end we will be succeed. Keep praising God until the next door opens and believe that when the next door opens, it will the greatest blessing in your life. Praise him when the sun raises and Glorify his name when the sun goes down. Amen