Monday, 30 November 2015

Go for Godly things.

Hello friends, 

Essentially, there are two perspectives through which we can view every situation in life. One is the “heavenly”; the other is “worldly.”

Did you know that we have the power to transition our thinking out of the worldly perspective and into a heavenly one?

This isn’t always easy at first. It takes practice and commitment to change your default mindset. That’s why it is so critical to spend time in God’s Word daily, meditating on the truth it contains, rather than the facts of our current circumstances. We need to immerse our minds in His Word so we can quickly recall these principles during difficult moments or challenging seasons.

When we are fueled by God’s Word, our thoughts inevitably become governed by His truth, and this truth causes us to be internally transformed. It has an incredible effect on our actions and responses to people and circumstances. We begin to analyze situations from a heavenly perspective and react accordingly. It’s amazing what the appropriate response can do in a seemingly hopeless situation.

This is why the truth of God’s Word has the power to change the facts of our circumstances.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

God bless you my friends. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello my friends,

Our Salvation is only through our God Jesus. Amen :)

God bless you my friends.


Hello Friends,

Read the post and let us get United, to have the REVIVAL.!! :) :) Amen

God bless you my friends.

My friends,
Oh yes there is an awaking going on and you know that.

 We all know that Miracles are happening, Disasters are happening, People around you are preaching the word, You bypass the people of God, You see the word of God somehow, somewhere.

We think why is this happening, why do we have to change our happy life and give it to God, We might say My life right now is awesome cause I have what I need and more than I need.

 Well, The things which you have right now is not allowed in Heaven, You should throw them to get the things which is stored for us in Heaven.

We shouldn't be behind the Creations instead follow the Creator God and The son Jesus. Amen :)

Wakeup and go get the souls to God.

 God bless you all. :)

We are appointed to bring SOULS.

Yes my friends, 
The abundant life is already stored for us by God, all we need to do is follow his commands and glorify him in everything we do. God don't think has we think, God has a different mindset and the plans which he has for us, we even cant imagine that.

God has a power to change our life completely and strength to give us eternal life, He has stored in the best for us.

Heaven is our place not earth, we are living on earth for a temporary purpose to preach the word of God.
We are the representatives of God most high, he has appointed us to bring souls into his kingdom.

Our aim is one, that is to bring the lost souls to Jesus and give them the place they deserve. Amen

 Prayer is the key for everything, Prayer is a direct contact to God. Amen

God bless you all my friends.

God has a Plan for you!

Hello My Friends,

The sentence in the picture is true and he is doing something for us. You might have lost the people you love or they might have left you for some reason. The Lord who created the heaven and the earth will never forsake you.

 As we know Apostle Peter betrayed Jesus not once but 3 times, Jesus Christ stand still and didn't even say a word. We need to understand that even though we go away from him or betray him cause of people. Jesus will never leave us my friends.

 Our God has a plan for everyone on earth, He has chosen us before we were born.
We as a follower of Jesus, need to know the Good things that God has stored in for us. We sometimes fall apart without realizing that God is next to us and watching over us. God is with us not only when we are depressed, even till the very end of our life. God makes a fair decision for our soul.

God bless you all. Amen :

Hello friends,
Here I am to share the word of God once again.

Well, today I saw the moon in Bangalore was Yellow in color. I wonder what is happening to the moon or on the sky.

Our Father controls the whole universe and the things in it, We get panicked cause of the things which we see or un-expected things.
We as a humans may have the knowledge and power to change the earth by improving the living life but we doesn't have the power to change the things in sky.
God knows what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in the future.

Do not fear for our God can change the complete Space and galaxy vice-verse, How to get rid of the fear? Well, the simple answer for it is OUR GOD IS GREATER THAN ANYTHING!.

So relax and share the word of God, Our God is an awesome God. Amen :)
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