Sunday, 29 November 2015

God has a Plan for you!

Hello My Friends,

The sentence in the picture is true and he is doing something for us. You might have lost the people you love or they might have left you for some reason. The Lord who created the heaven and the earth will never forsake you.

 As we know Apostle Peter betrayed Jesus not once but 3 times, Jesus Christ stand still and didn't even say a word. We need to understand that even though we go away from him or betray him cause of people. Jesus will never leave us my friends.

 Our God has a plan for everyone on earth, He has chosen us before we were born.
We as a follower of Jesus, need to know the Good things that God has stored in for us. We sometimes fall apart without realizing that God is next to us and watching over us. God is with us not only when we are depressed, even till the very end of our life. God makes a fair decision for our soul.

God bless you all. Amen :