Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jesus my commander

Here is my word for today. 
As we know that Jesus son of God is with us, we still worry about worldly things. We lose our Faith and tend to worry, depress ourself. Though we know that we don't belong to this world, our home is in Heaven, we make ourself fit to live on earth. God is assuring us stating that he has Golden roads and homes, we still try want to live rich and enjoy our life. What is there when we lose our soul to hell and gain the world. No one can live forever but in Christ we live alive forever, Amen. Our sorrow will turn into Joy when we let God mend it, we need to focus on the living eternal water than the water in earth which gets dry in sunshine. When we were yet sinners, he still died for our sake for our sins to cleanse us from our dark worthless living. What so ever happens in our life, good or bad just Praise his Holy name. Do not worry, The scripture says "In a due time you will reap the Good fruit". It says in a due time, so now you need to know that the scripture clearly says everything is decided in God's timings. We just need to wait for his timings and keep praising him when our blessings are on our way. We should grow rich in God and surrender to him completely, so the Lord will surely open all the door closed doors. 

Have a blessed month ahead, Amen 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On

Hello Friends, 
Well, the picture says Keep calm and carry on. That's true, We just need to keep calm and carry on. We know we have a God who knows us when we were in our mothers womb, we also know that Jesus is the true God. When things change, you don't have to change according to them cause you are the conqueror in Jesus. Act and defeat your problems and suffering, you have the power to break them and to win over the obstacles. Scripture says - Even though I walk through the valley of darkness, I feel no fear. God is with you in your life journey so just keep walking around the problems and get through to the end of success. God said - I want you to prosper and be successful, when God can promise you that he will prosper you then you don't have anything to worry about. Thank lord Jesus for he is our King, his love for us will never fails. So remember and say to the obstacles "I will keep calm and carry on in Jesus name" Amen. 

Praise Jesus

Hello Friends, 
Here I am once again to share the word of God with you all. God has his own time and plan to pour blessings in our life, Beleive in Jesus. Prophet Daniel was Praising God even though he knew that some people was against him, he praised and thanked God everyday. Even when he was taken down and put in the lions den, he was still Praising God. He knew that God will help him in the midst of Lions, he was Sitting in the midst of lions and started Praising. The hungry lions didn't even approach him cause there was angels surrounding Daniel. We need to have the same Faith and Praise God even when we go through obstacles  or our time is worst. We got to Praise him when we are on our way or through troubles cause we know at the end we will be succeed. Keep praising God until the next door opens and believe that when the next door opens, it will the greatest blessing in your life. Praise him when the sun raises and Glorify his name when the sun goes down. Amen 

Win The Good Fight.

Friends, Our everyday life is a fight against the things of God. You know that we don't live in a Godly world and there are so many ways we tend to loose our stand in God. I tell you that We are in a fight and fighting in the dark against the power of darkness of this world, the thing is we don't give up cause CHRIST is on our side. We will fight a good fight and win the battle at last, never get tired of doing good things. We need to gather as oneness to win the battle, the scripture clearly says "let Thousands cover you all around, do not be afraid for the Lord God is with us" Amen. Now let's get it straight, we will fight a good fight and win the battle. In Jesus Name, Amen. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Stay like the Salt and Light.

Friends, we need to know that there are so many things in this world that is against God, That is why the scripture say BE THE SALT AND LIGHT OF THE WORLD. We got to shine for God without any hinderence and make sure we will live according to his scriptures. FYI the Angels will come at the end of the world to pick the people whom God has chosen. Those people are no one but the  people who live like Salt and Light, shine to please and glorify God in everything  you can. Let the Lord Jesus give you power to stay like a salt and light in the world and let you be a blessings to others so that people who walk by your side should feel the power of God in you. Get prepared today to be like the Salt and Light. Amen

Think Godly. We must think mature in Godly, never to give-up on good things which pleases God. Christ Jesus is waiting for us to talk to him, he is ready to pour out the blessings upon us. We sometimes fail to reach him instead go on the other way out to find good life. Believe today that the blessings are yours, reach out to God to find ur awesome life. Amen