Saturday, 12 December 2015

All things are from God

Worship Jesus in this song :

Hello Friends,

Praise The Lord.
 I hope you people are doing good by the Grace of God, I'm here to tell you that Everything is from God and we belong to him alone.

Well, when we see the sky we wonder where the sky ends and where does it start. No human knows about it except God. Amen
And yes we wonder who is on the other planets and want is going to happen later on Earth, I say everything is decided and is already written by God.

God writes our Life script and you will walk just like what it is written for you by God, God has a better plan for us.

Here I am to tell that All things belong to God, we sometimes create or discover an amazing things which is made by us our own hands. We don't even think from where are we getting it, We get it from God.

He is giving us Knowledge, wisdom, strength and he gives us what we really need.

God has blessed us with an unexpected grace and happiness.

We need to please God just by obeying his word. Amen

 All things is from him and whatever we do from it, it belongs to him alone. He deserves the Glory. Amen :)