Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas is all about Jesus


Enjoy this Christmas song, Love it : - Rend Collective - Joy To The World (You Are My Joy)

Christmas is all about our Lord Jesus, who was born for us and he lived for us.

We sometime get to know that Christmas is all about new things, New dresses, New paintings at home, New Gifts, New Looking, New experience and more..

But Christmas is all about Christ. If it wasn't Jesus who came to earth as a Baby, we will have no Christmas. There will no Santa clause, No Reindeer, No snow toys, No giving, No taking, No celebrations. It would have been a normal day for us and we all will be busy doing our day assignment.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth to bless us and to save us. he has stored an amazing things for us and he came to give us those things. God doesn't belong to earth, his home is heaven. He came to earth to meet us his children and bless us with abundant life.

The day he came to earth in a form of a Baby and he choose to be born in a manger. People didn't rejoice for his birth, but Angels and animals rejoicing him, stars and sun praising him. Amen

So lets stop thinking that Christmas is something which we should enjoy with the worldly desire the whole day, instead lets enjoy Jesus. let us count the miracles he has done for us, let us imagine our future blessings in Jesus name.

This time preach the good news of Jesus. Hallelujah
Christmas is only for the true followers of Jesus, Amen

Lets celebrate Christmas and obey Jesus Christ. Hallelujah

God bless you all my friends,
Raju paul