Saturday, 12 December 2015

For my thoughts are not your thoughts - says Jesus

Worship Jesus with this song :

Oh yes, His thoughts are not our thoughts, what a wonderful words by God. Amen

You can read the above words by God in the image, read it for more than 10 times.

Meditate on it and just think about what God said.

I feel excited for what God says "My thoughts are not your thoughts" Praise Jesus

 We think and sometimes say "No I cant do it and it is impossible with me" well, read the word of God in the image. I promise you God has an awesome plan for us my friends.

 He is thinking completely different and way beyond what we cant even imagine. All we need to do is Believe his Word and obey his Word.

I'm telling you, "Stop saying I Cant do it and say My God will do it for me" Hallelujah :)

I'm Happy for my God is awesome and powerful in everything. Praise Jesus the only God, Amen

God bless you all my friends.