Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cover yourself with Faith.

Hello Friends, 
I am doing Good and hope you all are doing good by the grace of God. As Christians we have to follow the commands that are provided by God and obey them as well. Few people are Christians but don't follow the commands of God, lose there Faith like a seed which fall on the rocky ground. We need to get the Faith which is needed to breakdown the meeting with Satan and concentrate on God. We are growing everyday, days are adding on and we are getting old. Even though we are old enough but we are young masters in God, cause we don't care about the worldly things but we care about the God who created us. Friends, who haven't encountered with God. You got to decide to get into the encounter with Jesus Christ son of God, so how will u find him?. The answer Is The Word of God. We need to be overwhelmed with the word of God and the Holy Spirit. We need to search for the Same Faith where in Abraham, Moses, Daniel, David, Paul, Joseph, Peter and many other God chosen prophets had. We should explore the Faith and find a blessings and favor which comes through Faith. 
God bless you all my wonderful friends, In Jesus name. Amen 😃