Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Feed your Spirit.

Hello Friends, 
Here is a small encouraging message for us. 

Feed your Spirit : 

Jacob was promised by Laban that after
working for 7 years he would receive
as his bride but after the wedding night he
realized he was conned and instead of
he was given Leah. Before you receive
desire, sometimes you are given a
disappointment. Before you receive what
want, life may first give you what you don't
want. What do you do when life gives you a
Leah instead of a Rachel? What do you do
when men break their promises? What do
you do when people you trusted betray you
and breaks your heart? What do you do
you expected a big yes but life gives you a
cold No? Jacob never gave up, he never
complained, he did not become bitter but he
said, "I accept the situation but I will still
pursue my Rachel, I will go after what I
wanted at first" That is the attitude of a
winner. Make a decision not to give in to
disappointments but pursue the desires of
your life. Follow after your vision. Put the
Leah behind you and go after the Rachel!Be
blessed as you go after your Rachel.
Never give up keep PUSHing ( pray until something happens). 

Feed your spirit with blessing And hope upon the Lord Jesus. 

God bless you all abundantly, IN JESUS NAME. Amen