Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hug by God

Hello Friends, 
The love that never fails, the grace that is unstoppable, the blessing that is overflowing and the God who is with us forever Amen. Well, Make a step forward holding Faith in your hand when u r out of hope. Our Lord Jesus is with us I mean he is with us forever, Amen. If you want know whether if God is with you, touch your pulse so that says your alive today. Isn't that by the Grace of God? Yes it is, because when u see around the world there are people who are losing there lives in everyday life. And there is no point in living for the things in the world, when you lose your life and go to hell. God is giving us a new life everyday that's because he want us to change our life and live Holy. He gave his own life for us to forgive our sins because we should get into heaven, not only few in the world but every human must be in heaven. He is for us waiting to meet and bless us with unfailing love, we have our eternal life in Heaven. A hug from our Lord Jesus will make us so happy and that's we are in heaven, make sure you don't miss the love of God. 
Love of God, repeat it, Love of God. Amen :)