Thursday, 4 June 2015

Overcoming God

Hello Friends, 
Here is what I found the picture and the word of God in it, it is beautiful. And the content in it says the very true words which will save your life when you are lost. God said "I will never leave you nor forgave you" and also said "my grace is sufficient for you". So that is a promise from God for us, when he says it he will deliver it. Just think for a second, from the time we are born and till now. There are so many miracles and wonders which we have received from our Father JESUS, he clearly said "I know what I plan for you and your future". Jesus is assuring us that he will live with us until the very end of the world, yes the end will be soon and get prepared to meet the father who comes amazingly with a large crowd of angels to pick us up to heaven.Everyone who is facing bad times in there life, I tell you in Jesus name you will receive something good something which is unimaginable a very true blessings from God. Your bad times just disappears and good times make your life so happy like never you had. So keep calm and submit the situation to God, he is still with us as he promised. All we need to say is "Thank you Lord for your unconditional Love and I will never leave you cause you are my King". 
Boldly confess that "Jesus, maker of my destiny".